So – this investor I walked out on – that drove me mad for months and months on end – that would have been a great union – I walked out on his “deal”. Needless to say – it was no deal – it was an ass raping! So I kindly declined and went on my own way.

No investors – pure blood sweat and tears – the way it should be. Build a company that can take the punches and keep moving.

Long story short – he thought I was bluffing as I walked out on him – well – he thought wrong.

A few weeks pass by – and guess what? Ring ring ring ring – he calls. I should have answered but was in a meeting for something that was actually worth while.

Should I call him back? My advisor(s) say yes and no. What do I say? I have nothing to say. What is the point? I am not going to share an ounce of information again with that person.

Its like a a tease – gave you blue balls all night – jerked you off a bit – then walked out leaving you hard and dry!

Sorry partner – women don’t do that to me – nor are you going to either – later man – later. Go find another dope to dry hump.